Flat Out! Keeping safe when you are busy.


What a busy few weeks it has been at BrenKir!  Of course, it’s obvious that once the ice is off the ponds in Newfoundland and Labrador, a lot of projects move into high gear. Not just the large mega- projects – although they certainly get busier – but all the local businesses that keep the economic wheels turning year in and year out. From shingling to paving, local contractors are out there every day, getting the job done.  And we like to help them keep safe and well equipped to do the job.

Unfortunately, sometimes when people are busy, they forget to use all their safe work practices.  How many people over-reach on a ladder when they really should move the ladder or set up a scaffold – ‘it’s only that little bit I had to reach for’ being a very common refrain in the emergency room.   When it’s rained for a week and a half and the grass is really long, it’s easy to forget to wear your workboots, glasses and hearing protection when you are flat out trying to get the grass mowed before the rain comes again. But this is how accidents happen.  At BrenKir, we maintain a full stock of PPE and industrial equipment and supplies to help you stay safe – and get your job done in time.  Here are some quick tips for the spring projects – at work, and when you are handling the ‘honey-do’ list.

1.  Wear your safety boots. Seriously.  Approved footwear is essential for anyone on a construction site, warehouse, or manufacturing facility.  Everyone knows that. But don’t forget to wear them when you are fixing the patio, mowing the lawn, or hauling your boat on the trailer.   Your feet will thank you.

2. Ditto for gloves.  Protecting your hands is essential.

3.  Hearing protection is one of most underused pieces of personal protective equipment.  Even at home, power tools, lawn and garden equipment all can emit enough noise to permanently impair hearing.  Grab some foam plugs and save your hearing for the teenagers to ruin!

4.  Use sun protection.  We’re not trying to sell particular stuff on this site, but we do sell a great product called Croc-Bloc that is individually packaged like a wet-nap.  It’s convenient, non greasy, and keeps you from getting a nasty burn and the longer term consequences of sun damage.  Pop some in your golf bag, your tool kit, and your jacket.

5. Finally, take your time – even if you are FLAT OUT.


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