Premier Pushing Supplier Diversity


 Photo Credit – The Telegram.

Premier Kathy Dunderdale hasn’t forgotten her roots as Natural Resource Minister in Newfoundland and Labrador. She told a group of NLOWE members at a breakfast meeting on Monday that while she was minister in that department, she was tracking the numbers of women who were able to benefit from big projects like Hibernia. The results didn’t impress her – but as premier she’s vowing to make a difference.

“I’m always reminded of a piece of work that I was involved in in the ’90s that took a look at what happened during the development of Hibernia,” she told the group. “Women only constituted four per cent of the labour force during that whole project. The women involved in trades and technology were so small that we couldn’t measure. It was less than one per cent. And I expect that business opportunities associated with that project wouldn’t measure any higher.”

The point of the group was to ensure women wouldn’t be left out of the “economic engine that was driving this province,” said Dunderdale.  She went on to say that  for the next round of resource development in the province – mega projects like Hebron, Hibernia South and the Lower Churchill Project –  the province will require proponents to meet diversity targets for employment and procurement.

“The work that began there carries on today, and never did I imagine that while Iwas learning all that stuff and becoming so passionate about making changes, that I’d hold this position and be able to bring all of that knowledge and commitment to it,”

BrenKir Industrial is one of 6 certified women-owned businesses enterprises (WBE)  in Newfoundland & Labrador.


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